Operation Liver Health

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Billy Weldon
Commander, Military Order of the Purple Heart, AZ

Gregory R. Kozakiewiwicz
Commander, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Arizona

George G. "Gary" Shoemaker
Commander, Scottish American Military Society

Lt.Col. (ret.) Steve Woffinden
Former head of the Artificial Intelligence Program at the Pentagon

Operation Liver Health

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The LiverLab Announces
Operation Liver Health Arizona

Dr. Robert Waters of the ASU BioDesign Institute talks with Gregory Kozakiewicz, Commander, VFW AZ at the Grand Opening of The LiverLab where the OPERATION LIVER HEALTH program was initiated.
Mike Hudnall of The LiverLab discusses OPERATION LIVER HEALTH's upcoming phase II clinical trials with Ted Vogt, Director of Veterans Services for the State of Arizona, Dr. Krystine Nguyen, NMD and Dr. David Payne, DO at the Grand opening of The LiverLab and the announcement of OPERATION LIVER HEALTH.
(From left) Billy Weldon, Commander of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, AZ, Dr. Krystine Nguyen, NMD, Quentin Weber and Dr. Seth Black, NMD discuss OPERATION LIVER HEALTH and the upcoming FDA-approved phase II clinical trials on the HepAssure natural liver anti-fibrotic formula at the Grand Opening of The LiverLab. The goal of the study is to preferentially enroll Veterans.
Jeff Langland, PhD, a scientist from the ASU BioDesign Institute attends the Grand Opening at the LiverLab